Drabble 1 – “Sidereal”

Drabble 1 – “Sidereal”

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Image Source: David DeHetre via Flickr

Did I pick something stereotypical for my first drabble? Maybe. But I’ve loved the word ‘sidereal’ since I first read it in someone’s username back in the day, and I don’t think I’ve ever had occasion to use it. So here you go; drabble number one, “Sidereal.”


(adj – from Latin sidereus “starry, astral”)

of or pertaining to the stars

She ticks off the movements with a pencil, an eye to her telescope. Astrology is a tricky thing, three-fourths guesswork to one-fourth science, a matching of meaning to arbitrary symbols, a search for solace in the vacuum. Perhaps there is no meaning in it, but still she ticks meticulously, weaving the dance into fortunes, paving a path to follow. She finds comfort in the movement, the monotony of it, and more still in the notion that it all makes sense, that there is a message, something to decode. Born of stars and stardust and light, she lets them guide her way forward as ships once did.

Let me know what you think, or write your own hundred-word story below!

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