Drabble 114 – Fidimplicitary

A photo of a pen on paper, which reads, "I Agree" next to an empty checkbox.

I use a random number generator to pick which word I’ll write a drabble on next. Sometimes the words that come up feel too on the nose. I suppose it’s apophenia, but sometimes it’s a little eerie to see what words come up when they’re most relevant.

Today’s word only just counts. It’s not a word that ever entered the common lexicon, despite being a handy one. And it’s relevant not just right now, but all year and into the last, and probably for the foreseeable future.

My first field of study was journalism, back when I bought that I’d never make it as a writer and I should really just pick something practical (so I went with journalism as newspaper shut down, ha). I didn’t stick with it because fate (and classes that were full by the time I tried to register) had other plans for me, but I’m so, so grateful for the time I spent learning about how the media works, how stories are constructed, how to read between the lines and fact-check and seek out the truth.

I’m a little bit of a skeptic now, but it’s for the best. We all should be.

Anyway, here’s a drabble.


(a.) from church Latin fides implicita, for “implicit faith”

Someone who puts their faith in another’s words without examining them.

Someone put a hex on Wendy, a hex that makes her every word come true. She read this in a book once; a boy who spoke the truth into existence and ruined everybody’s day, except hers is worse because it’s real and there’s nobody to take it off of her.

“Mother, did a fairy curse me at my Christening?” she asks, and her mother thinks that’s funny, despite everything. “Father, did you anger a witch?” she asks, and her father laughs, saying, “Maybe.”

She bites her tongue and speaks in questions because there’s such a thing as too much power.

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