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Drabble 54 – Cosseted

Otavalo Fabrics by Mor

I’ve always been a character lover before a story lover–that’s not to say I can’t like both, only that a plot might make me pick up a book, but nothing but a good character will keep me reading. So while some people might have heads full of plot threads, I have bits of character just waiting for homes.

I’ve written about one before who still needs a story to tend to. There’s also a woman who owns a perfume shop with a sharp tongue and a knack for guessing your favorite scent with a glance, but it’s more than a knack. A detective who stumbles upon answers by pure luck and faith. A werewolf who only feels beautiful as a monster.

So many stories to tell, but I’m an impossibly slow writer. I worry that I won’t ever get them all down and they’ll die off, sick of waiting for me to get to work. I should probably stop writing this and start writing them, instead.

Anyway, here’s a drabble, a temporary home for a bratty prince.