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Drabble 27 – Auspice

“‘caw’ says the crow” by Comrade Foot.

I’m fascinated by methods of telling the future. I dabbled in tasseomancy as a kid (I was a weird kid, you may recall), but now I mostly play around with Tarot cards when I’m feeling conflicted or uncertain. It’s not that I necessarily believe in telling the future, much less my own ability to do so, more that I like the feeling of thinking, even for a second, that the world is organized enough that I might be able to divine what’s in store.

Omens are fascinating, and I have a particularly good one to share. I was walking to school once with my best friend (with whom I do an excellent podcast, by the way), when she asked me what that sound was. I looked at her, confused, and suddenly there was a crunchy, solid thump behind us. We turned around to find a crow dead on the sidewalk, having just fallen out of the air behind us.

How can you not take that as an omen? Looking up the symbolic meaning of crows, they themselves are not necessarily bad omens. A dead one, though? A dead one that plummeted out of the sky right behind you? That’s a little more difficult to say.

Anyway, here’s a drabble.