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Drabble 73 – Nyctarian

Moon by gab1230067

Some things have cultural significance, some things have personal significance, everything probably has both. I think that’s why some people get so invested in certain symbols, while others find them boring or lacking meaning. I get the significance of robots for some people, though they’ve never been my metaphor of choice. Other people like vampires or aliens or, I don’t know, English professors cheating on their wives. While I might have had a brief flirtation with vampires as an angsty teen (because really, who didn’t?), it’s always been about werewolves for me.

I recently had to dig deep into this for an episode of Fake Geek Girls. As it turns out, exploring why something resonates so deeply with you is a pretty personal thing. There’s a reason that I’m so invested in stories about werewolves, even if they’re often disappointing; it’s a bit of rage, a bit of fear, a bit of longing, a bit of wildness. Part of the reason I’m dissatisfied, I think, is that what a metaphorical werewolf means to me is likely different from what it means to others.

Anyway, here’s a drabble about a werewolf.